Monday, May 17, 2010

Beauty Find of the Week: Shea Moisture haircare ( and Target)

I usually don’t write ethnically leaning post (my blog is for everyone), but in the case of Target and their hair care section I have to. I am so impressed with the amount of all-natural black hair care products they carry, and not only are they all natural but they are from black owned business ( which is rare, if you don’t believe me check out Good Hair). They even carry Miss Jessie's a brand that I recommend to all my mixed girlfriends with curly hair, and my friends with natural hair who want to enhance their curl. I’m neither biracial, or am I rocking natural hair, so I decided to go with Shea Moisture who also has a shampoo, conditioner and spray specifically for curly hair as well. I didn’t go with their curly formulation I went with their African Black Soap Deep Cleaning Shampoo which is made with Tea Tree Oil which helps with my terrible psoriasis which is really bad right now, and the Restorative Smoothie which is made with Sea Kelp, Organic Shea Butter, and Argan Oil to deep condition to use in-between my salon visits.
Over all I’m happy with the results the shampoo lifted the caking/scaling that the psoriasis leaves without lifting the hair around it, or leave it smelling like medicine or tar, and the restorative smoothie was light and fluffy and not as heavy as most restorative treatments, and it smelled exquisite it was such a wonderful scent of cake that made me want to eat it but I resisted.

Me post wash/deep condition/blowdry/Instyler


-All Natural
-Affordable ( $9.99 each)
-Cut down on my blow drying time
-Held a curl even after sleeping on it over night

-Hair not as easy to comb through post wash or post condition
-Not easy to comb the Restorative Smoothie through as compared to other “conditioners” I use

I guess the greatest thing about Shea Moisture’s hair care products are they’re all natural, parabens free, cruelty free, artificial fragrance free, gluten free, and certified organic. By the way Shea Moisture also has a line for the face and body, and is sold online via their website, in Target locations, or Target online. Happy Shopping!


Midwife in Training said...

I love Tar-jeh so I might have to give this a try IF they carry it in my store. I would also recommend Oyin Handmade products to you (google them)

jfarr said...

I almost fell over in the store when I saw the collection of natural products Target had. Being a broke college student, ordering online/making my own is not always financially feasible or sustainable (or timely for that matter). $20 bucks for a good shampoo and condish for my thick head of natural hair is a steal!

Zinc Shampoo said...

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