Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vintage Point: 1980s Low Back Dress

I have to admit in general I’m not a great vintage shopper; I have a couple of great places in Oakland I like and that’s about it. More and more, I’ve been seeing cute little vintage places online especially through Etsy and other co-op type stores. Even with the trust I have for sites like Etsy the idea of online vintage still scares me for obvious reasons like; potential sizing issues, damage, and not being able to return the item. All that being said I bit the bullet and made my first online vintage purchase all thanks to a link on twitter, and a little self-debating. This Vintage 1980s low back dress that I got from Wild Child Dzigns is just my type of piece with a simple design, simple textile, and of course a little surprise with the low cut back. If you're anything like I was and to tell the truth I'm still a little tepid about buying vintage online check out Wild Child Dzigns one of a kind handmade crochet items, believe me it’s not your grandmother crochet!

photo cred: Wild Child Dzigns

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Sarade said...

I actually do admire this dress, which is unexpected of me for 80's styles. I can picture how stunning Audrey Tautou would look in this unlike what I have ever seen her wearing, but it would flatter her figure in a young Selma Blair sort of way. A low-backed dress is a terrific thing to own!

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