Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shoptalk: Green

Last week when I was speaking about vintage finds, and my fear of online vintage I hinted at a great place to find vintage clothing in Oakland and I thought why not share it with you. Green just happens to be one of Oakland’s hidden gems located on 432 Santa Clara Avenue, in an unassuming and charming store front. I know you are asking yourself how could you miss such a find well like I said it's a hidden gem with a location as unique and beautiful as the array of vintage pieces you will find inside. Green’s owner Chinere Davis collects her pieces from trips to L.A., different locations all over the Bay Area, as well as pieces sourced via Urban Vintage. Green opened late last year, and is open Saturday and Sunday from 11am-5:30pm. In addition to all the vintage pieces you can also find new jewelry, and soon jewelry from independent local artisans (I’ll keep you posted on that). The selection that is currently in the store (and is always being updated) range from the 60’s to the early 80’s and range from dresses, tops, fun purses, and even a small selection of shoe. In addition to wonderful vintage pieces, Green is also a source of inspiration for other entrepreneurs/fashionistas, and host an array of events, including a vintage sale hosted by Urban Vintage on May 1st (3P-7P). So don’t forget to look for those neighborhood gems, and remember “You Must Be Seen in Green”.

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