Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nailed It: Bridezilla

We’re backkkkkk that is my gel nails and designs by Bisou Nail Lounge’s own Keina! This time Keina introduced me to a new product she is using called Bella Forma by Bellissima International, who just happened to be the founders of CalGel USA. The product is very similar to the original CalGel, as it is also organic, breathable, but this product is made in the USA, and doesn’t require the topcoat that CalGel does.
These nails were all Keina’s doing other than the fact that I wanted a half moon design I had no clue what to do. Keina went to work with creating the half moon (clear crescent shape near the cuticles) by placing a coat of clear gel onto my nails and then creating the half moon effect with a pearlized white. After the one coat of pearlized white, she applied a pretty soft pink on top, then my signature glitter, and some rhinestones, which ended up giving me a surprisingly bridal nail (and not I'm NOT getting married).

Note: Both CalGel and Bella Forma products were used on my nails to achieve the look.

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