Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shoe Find of the Week: Jessica Simpson's Dany Platform

I have to say when I first saw the Jessica Simpson collection Dany shoe my I thought, wow, too much, how does one walk in these (head tilt). Cut to 4 hours later when I saw a picture of them in two additional colors tan and pewter. I also saw a picture of them on an actual foot (thanks @KarenBritChick) and I have to now say they are stunning. These babies aren’t for the ladies who are afraid of heights with 5 ½ inch heel, and a 2 inch platform. As for me and my fallen arches a wooden platform and heel equals support and just what the doctor ordered (surprisingly comfortable). What’s cool is even though it’s an open toe shoe it’s such a substantial look you could pull it off in California’s transitional sun, rain, sun, rain, spring, winter weather by wearing them with knee socks, or opaque tights. They will also obviously look great in the summer with a bare foot and legs, I think the tan would be great with a pair of cutoff Levi’s for a 60’s vibe. However you decide to wear them, you’ll be getting some looks of amazement, and admiration! HAPPY SHOPPING!

photo cred: Victorias Secret

1 comment:

Midwife in Training said...

Those are hecka cute but DANG can they decrease the heal for us tall sistas?!

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