Thursday, January 7, 2010

Style File Find of the Week: The Costanza Eco Fleece Gym Pant

Okay I fully understand there is nothing sexy about sweatpants, and I don’t care what is scrawled across the butt of them! However, I’ll tell you this about Alternative Apparel’s The Costanza Eco Fleece Gym Pant they may not be sexy but there is something extremely luxurious about them. I came about my Eco Fleece pants for free, I just participated in Alternative Apparel's Friday Freebie contest, all I had to do was retweet a message and soon after I received notification I won the pants and a hoodie ( lucky me). When I got them I gave them the general once over, and though eh a pair of grey sweatpants , I must admit I was less than impressed. That attitude changed once I touched them, they were the softest material I have felt in my life, a cross between cashmere and babies skin. I can definitely see myself living in these, but do not fret ladies when your significant other is unimpressed at the sight of you in grey sweatpants, just buy him a pair they’re unisex! By the way these pants aren’t just luxuriously soft they are also Eco Fleece meaning some of the materials used are eco friendly like the 50% polyester (6.25% recycled), and 46% cotton ( 6.52% organic). They are a little pricey at 50 bucks but I guarantee once you put them on you’ll get more than 50 dollars of wear out of them. HAPPY SHOPPING!
P.S. If you want a chance to win something and you’re on twitter check out @AlternativeApp
photo cred: Alternative Apparel

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