Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Style File Find of the Week: AphroChic Apparel

All my readers know I love a great t-shirt and I found a San Francisco based company called AphroChic that makes a couple of wonderful tees. Both the Silhouette Tee and the Modern Soulful Style (which is also the companies tag line) tee capture the laid back, chic essence of the line. Not only are this tees simple and stylish, but like all of AproChic’s products they are also socially conscious and eco friendly. The Silhouette tee comes in 5 colors and the design is printed on 100% cotton American Apparel Tee’s which are made not that far away in downtown Los Angeles keeping your carbon footprint small. The Modern Soulful Style Tee comes in two color combinations black and pink/ white and black as well as an option of a 100% cotton American Apparel Tee or an Edun 100% Organic African Cotton Tee. Either tee or color combination you choose, you’ll definitely be stylish and supporting a wonderful Bay Area business.

P.S. I really hope the line expand with a few more designs maybe some inspired by AprhoChic main claim to fame its home d├ęcor line of pillows.
photo cred: AphroChic

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