Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Beauty Find of the Week: TATCHA

The great thing about having a blog with a Bay Area niche is that I occasionally get contacted by wonderful designers, and cosmetics brands that are based in my own back yard, and that’s what happened with TATCHA. TATCHA is a brand of authentic aburatoigami ( literal translation “oil blotting paper” in Japanese), that launched on September16th 2009 right in San Francisco. Abacus Leaf/Gold Flake was originally used by gold craftsmen about 1000 years ago, but 300 years ago the beautiful Geisha found that these papers also held great beauty benefits as well. TATCHA unlike other blotting papers that are on the market, is all natural, fragrance free, animal testing free, and handmade as they have been for centuries. The skin benefits are wonderful not just for removing excess oils that cause breakouts from oily skin, but it also creates luminosity to all skin types, plus it creates a great base for makeup so you don’t need to use a pore clogging primer, and when used atop of makeup it keeps your look fresh. If you’re looking to get your hands on TATCHA you can purchase online ( $12 for a 1-pack, 30 sheets per pack or $30 for a 3-pack, 30 sheets per pack) and shipping is free shipping. HAPPY SHOPPING!

To celebrate the arrival of TATCHA aburatorigami to the US, TATCHA was so kind not only to gift me some of their wonderful papers, but they are going to give 5 Bay Area Style File of readers a 1 complimentary pack of TATCHA to try for themselves. I'll be posting the details on twitter (@bastylefilegirl)
yes there are real gold flakes in the papers :)
photo cred: TATCHA

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