Monday, November 16, 2009

Shoe Find of the Week: Vegan Thigh High Platform Boots

I’m getting ready to get all Rachel Zoe on you guys because these boots are OCC (out of control). And let me tell you that these little on trend babies are only $75 dollars I DIE. On top of the fact that they’re on trend, attention-grabbing, price conscious they are also 100% vegan it’s a total win, win, win situation. I know some people are just saying NO to “hooker boots” but I’m telling you that OTK (over the knee) boot is nothing new to fashion and they are not only trendy but can be a piece that you can keep for years to come (I’m telling you the trend will be back it’s been here before). What makes these so unique is the placement of the zipper, the shape of the platform, and the combination of leatherette and fabric, I'm in love. Don’t fret an on trend item can be fully functional and worn with many pieces like skinny jeans and a t-shirt, a skirt/dress that hits the top of the boot, or over leggings but whatever you wear it with I’m sure you’ll be SHUTTING.IT.DOWN. The boots can be purchased at a wonderful little online boutique called La Dama with tons of other unique and reasonably prices finds. HAPPY SHOPPING!

photo cred: La Dama

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