Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beauty Find of the Week: KnockOut Cosmetics Flatte Polish

Let me start off my saying I am ADDICTED to matte nail polish, remember I was telling you about Essie’s Matte About You topcoat a couple weeks back and I mentioned KO Knock Out Cosmetics in that same post well I had a chance to try KO’s Flatte polishes and they are great I’ve been wearing the company’s newest color Ox and I’m delighted with it! Now while their colors are definitely matte, there is something unique and almost satiny (not at all shiny don’t worry) about the finish it’s really kind of indescribable. The other plus about KO is that not only does the brand make wonderful matter colors but they have Flattetop a clear varnish which is recommended as a base and top coat. Application is easy start off with one coat of Flattetop; apply two coats of the Flatte color don’t go overboard the colors are a thicker consistency than normal polishes; and finish with one coat of Flattetop. The colors wear to shine so you will need to reapply Flattetop to retain the matte look. The polish is a little pricey at 19 dollars a bottle; however the beautiful art deco matte glass bottles are HUGE (0.56oz). HAPPY SHOPPING!

P.S. A Flatte French Manicure is such a cool idea use Flatte Powder on the tips and Flattetop as and all over topcoat!
photo cred: KO Knock Out Cosmetics

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