Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Style File Find of the Week: Vena Cava Khaki Zip Dress

The much buzzed about bout GAP Design Editions are back, and well Khakier than ever I mean better than ever. The 13 piece collaborative collection between the GAP and designers Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai of Vena Cava as well as Alexander Wang includes hats, jackets, pants, and dresses that are all made of Khaki. Of course since it’s a designer collection the price point is a little more expensive than usual but the items are all limited edition. While most of the designs are cute, I am blown away by the Vena Cava khaki zip dress I love the basic sheath silhouette the great summer time mini length, and the baring geometric back not the mention the little dash of tribal flare at the bottom to take a plain khaki dress to the next level. I must add this little khaki dress to my collection, oh by the way honorable mention to Alexander Wang khaki moto-trench jacket that’s a definite maybe. Happy Shopping!

P.S. The Collection is available in the following Bay Area Stores:

Stanford Center, Palo Alto
Chestnut St, San Francisco
Flood Building, San Francisco
photo cred: Gap

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