Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shoe find of the Week: H&M Double Bow Platform

How I love these nameless ( I had to make up one for the title) little round toe, hidden platform, pump, Mary Jane, bootie hybrids. I was walking through H&M in search of a 99 dollar leather skirt that I couldn’t afford when I stumbled upon these little numbers which I tried on, put back and then ran back to get at the last minute. My mom instantly hated them but as I carried them to the register I got two complements and I didn’t have them on yet! This isn’t the best picture but there are two bows on the front giving these vampy little numbers a dash of sweetness not to mention the pink Betsey Johnson-esque lining and for 49 bucks who can beat that. I’ve only seen them so far in the SF store and when I asked a sales person they said they only received 10 pair ( I got the last 9) and that was their only shipment so hurry up! Happy Shopping!
photo cred: H&M

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