Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beauty Find of the Week: Matte About You

I’m not one to follow trends in beauty mainly because all trends don’t look good on every skin tone or age range ( glitter on a women in her fifties is not cute). Today is my first exception to the beauty trend rule all over the internet and in fashion magazines the new trend is matte nail polish. Brands like OPI and Zoya have matte lines coming out, and there are also two very trendy, edgy brands that only carry matte finish polishes like Knock Out Cosmetics, and ManGlaze. With all the hype there’s a drawback you aren’t suppose to use a base or topcoat when applying these matte colors therefore they don’t last long making it all about the look and not the wearability. Thankfully one of my favorite beauty blogs Temptalia.com caused me to stumbled upon a find from Essie. Essie has decided not to follow the color trend and is introducing Matte About You matte finisher. Matte About You ( don't you love the name?) is a matte top coat that takes any one of your favorite colors from high gloss to a smooth matte finish all it takes is a base coat, two coats of your favorite polish and a thin layer of Matte About You. Don't fret Matte About You is just as long lasting as the rest of Essie’s nail polishes so you not only get the look but the wearability. Only Bummer it won’t be available until August I’ll keep you updated!

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