Monday, June 22, 2009

Bag It: Idora Fringe Suede Hobo

A few weeks back I introduced you to Bay Area designer Bryna Nicole by way of her inspirational Eco Chic Totes in that same story I also told you I would have much more from Bryna Nicole including a sneak peek at her Fall 09 line; well before I can get to that I have a sneak peek on an exclusive collaboration with Bryna Nicole and the Owl's Lab Boutique. The wonderful collaboration between Bryna and Owl’s Lab has given us the chic, fun, vibrant, Idora Fringe Suede Hobo. The “Idora” comes in two colors purple (my favorite color) and grey so you can either go bold, neutral, or both. This cute hobo will breathe life into the standard t shirt and jeans and will look great draped across your favorite little summer dress. The bag will be sold exclusively at Owl’s Lab but won’t be available until June 30th however you can preorder yours now here. Happy Shopping!

photo cred: Bryna Nicole

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