Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Style File Find of the Week: Grey Antics Jersey Knit Long Jumper

While I have to admit I’m drooling over the Grey Antics Jersey Knit Long Jumper I am also cowering in fear. I have long had a secret love affair with the jumpsuit but have never had the guts to actually own one. Something about this one just seems so right, the slimming black color and the splashes of blue for a little edge and of course the ultra flattering neckline so you can show off that décolletage, and the forgiving jersey fabric. All my fears lay within the bottom half of the garment, I have all kinds of questions running through my head “will these make my butt look funny?” and “ exactly how are these pockets going to work?” The good seems to outweigh the bad so I am willing to take the risk though, because it just seems too fabulous to pass up. Happy Shopping!
photo cred: Urban Outfitters

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