Tuesday, April 14, 2009

B.A. Style "Steal" of the Day: Exposed Zipper Sweater Dress

My dreams of having a Hervé Leger dress (average cost 900 dollars) are still just a dream. There have been many companies that have made their version of the famous “bodycon” dress Topshop, Bebe, Gap, and now Forever 21 with the best rendition yet. Forever 21’s Exposed Zipper Sweater Dress is simply fantastic it has the curve hugging style, the banding and unique straps that are signatures to the iconic original. I’m even thinking of getting two and getting one cut shorter (knee length) so that I can have two great dresses. While the dress lacks the sheen ( it’s a duller sweater like material) of an Hervé Leger it’s still looks like it’s worth much much more than it’s 34 buck price tag. Happy Shopping!
photo cred: Forever 21

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Excellent! I was searching high and low for this type of dress online but was amazed to find how difficult it is to find. Until i found your blog! Resulted in a saving of 800 bucks plus - thank you!

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