Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shoptalk: Peggy Li

It’s becoming really obvious to me that the Bay Area isn’t short on design talent, and that is especially true in the area of jewelry. We have great talents like Headbangers Accessories, Rachel Eva, and now Peggy Li. Peggy Li’s jewelry making started about 8 years ago when she was at UC Berkeley, her aesthetic fitting right in with some of the fabulous jewelry the street vendors produce. Of course with talent like hers Telegraph Ave couldn’t hold her, and her work was soon seen on the small screen Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Without a Trace just to name a few. The look of Peggy’s jewelry is simple and feminine but not at all girly or plain. There are pieces in her line inspired by yoga, and beads and set in 14K to Sterling Silver….she even has a diamond collection! My favorite piece ( pictured) is the “Weather the Storm!” necklace from her charm collection it comes in sterling silver and gold and doesn’t it seem so fitting for this week’s rainy Bay Area weather. Check out more of Peggy Li’s handmade jewelry work online…HAPPY SHOPPING!
photo cred: Peggy Li

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SF Indie Fashion said...

We at SF Indie Fashion are big fans of Peggy Li and all the other designers you mentioned. So glad to see local names featured on BASF! That rocks!

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