Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Date to Wear: Wild Child Headpiece

Are you a wild child? I guess that’s the question implied by Gold Saturn’s Wild Child Headpiece. I’m not really sure how/when I would wear this but, I’m drawn to this little accessory yet at the same time frightened to actually wear it. What I do love is that I can finally get my hands on a piece of runway fashion. The Wild Child headpiece was definitely inspired by the Spring 09 Diane von Furstenberg. However the headpieces seen on the likes of rising supermodel Chanel Iman aren’t sold anywhere that is until Gold Saturn. By the way these aren’t runway prices 25 dollars for perfectly placed faux flowers on ribbon with an elastic band backing. Are you wild enough to wear it? Happy Shopping!

By the way use discount code 'iheartgoldsaturn' for 20% off your order!

photo cred: Gold Saturn

1 comment:

Cassy said...

if you wanted to make that head peice easier to wear, you could bobby pin the elastic band to the ribbon holding the flowers, throw your hair up in a messy french-twist-esque 'do, and frame the back of it by pinning in the flowers. i do it all the time with flower pins. just make sure the pins are all pointing he same way so its easy to slide in. [:

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