Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Accessory Find of the Week: Dandelion Weekender

Remember when The Sak was just a plain old crochet “fisherman” bag well as times change companies do and The Sak has become much much more…seriously they even have leather bags now. I actually didn’t really notice that it had become much more until I was flipping through People Style Watch and came across the Dandelion Weekender the most adorable overnight/gym/baby/oversized bag I have ever seen. The bag is adorned with all things peaceful (doves, the actual word Peace) and touched with just enough splashes of colors to make it the must have for the upcoming summer. Now for the bad part, this bag is pre-order only, and won’t be available to tote around until early June. HAPPY SHOPPING!
photo cred: The Sak

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