Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dare to Wear: Cool, Casual the Race Leather Tee

I have to be honest I am a little leery of the Race Leather Tee by Cool, Casual ( a Slow and Steady Wins the Race capsule collection ), this may be the only “dare to wear” that actually scares me a little. My inner rock star is saying I would absolutely wear this, and my inner fashionista, is barking out all these rules regarding this shirt such as “only in the winter when it’s cold”. I guess my inner recessionistas is also speaking to me about this top because it’s $188 and if I decided to take the leap to buy it I would definitely have to wait until it was on sale. Until then I’ll add this baby to my every growing Urban Outfitters wish list.

P.S. If I see anyone wearing this leather shirt (or any other leather top, hat etc) this summer I’m snapping a picture of you and putting you in fashion jail!

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