Monday, January 7, 2019

flesh Beauty

I stumbled upon flesh when Carmen aka lipstickfashion (on IG) put up a Instagram post of just one product (Swipe Flesh Lip Color). I immediately checked out the flesh Beauty IG account,  and then the  flesh website itself and noticed they were sold exclusively at Ulta Beauty although for the most detailed information on each product you should check the flesh website first. You may be wondering about some of the names of the products when you read through this, and the name of the brand itself, the brand boast 40 foundations ( I don't wear foundations so I can't give a review on that), and they are attempting to change what we think of when we say flesh tone. I think that concept is pretty cool, and lucky for me there is an Ulta Beauty near my house so I decided to check it out and "pick up a couple items for vacation" needless to day I came home with way more than I bargained for.

My initial "haul"


The line did wonderful on my recent vacation to  New Orleans with it's winter time warmth and humidity. One thing that was shocking is the fleshpot product was not sticky and didn’t wear off during the day, even though I took actual disco naps. I even managed to wear the same face (just added MAC’s RiRi Woo) all day and night on NYE. These products were a staple daily while I was on vacay and I plan to keep them as my weekend (I don’t wear anything on my face at work) go to.



Even after I got back from vacation I managed to justify picking up one last item (hard eye roll).





See the names of the products/colors below:

Swipe Flesh in Tremble and Firm

Touch Flesh in Highlighting Balm

Fleshpot in  Enchantment (limited), Disco Nap (limited), and Fleshpot

Ripe Flesh in Vibrate


P.S. This is the first orange based colored lipstick I was ever able to wear, I’m so excited!!!!

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