Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Zen In A Jar Body Honey

Picture Courtesy of Zen In A Jar

As I may have let you know before I love podcast and in the past my love for podcast and body/skincare collided as I recommended a company for business of the week to The Friend Zone Podcast. Well, after listening to not one, not two, but three of my favorite podcast (The Friend Zone, Jade and XD, Getting Grown), they let me know about a wonderful company called Zen In AJar. When I first heard about the company from the Gettin’ Grown podcast, I went to the site, but there weren’t any of the body care products available so I purchased three room an linen sprays (Maisey- A sweet lemon fragrance, Pumpkin, and Coffee Shop), since I was moving and wanted to living up my new place. 


Jump to a month and a half, where the two other podcast recommendations came up. These recommendations were very specific. They all ranted and raved about the Body Honey product from Zen In A Jar, and so I had to know more (of course the minute they spoke about it, it was sold out). I immediately followed Nikki the owner/operator of Zen In A Jar so that I could make sure I wouldn’t miss out when they went on sale next, and even then going to the website the minute they went on sale, I still couldn’t get one fragrance I really wanted (Pink Cashmere).  I ended up with Vibes (nag champa + lavender) Love (peach + rose) and, Posh (Lavender + Vanilla + Rose) and I'm so happy with each of them. The smell absolutely lovely, and are a GREAT moisturizer for your body, I happen to use mine in the shower (see picture below) while I'm still damp. What is even better is that you can use them in  your hair too, I plan on using it to seal my twist and to put a little on my hands when taking my twist out.



Zen In A Jar’s Body Honey is hard to get your hands on due to it selling out FAST so I highly suggest that you follow Nikki on Instagram as she always updates when these popular products are available (she’s been dropping batches on Monday’s). The only drawback for us Bay Area folks is the shipping (which was 11 bucks for two bottles) takes a while so if you are trying to get it fast for the holidays you may want to order ASAP if there is anything left or get this as a post-holiday treat. East Coast  folks especially those in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) you can pick up the items.

Again make sure you are following Zen In A Jar online (Instagram is the best place) to see when new items are released.


Update: I was able to get order Pink Cashmere (after over a month of trying) during the Cyber Monday sale.

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Nikki said...

Hi, it's Nikki from ZIJ! Thank you so much for trying out the honey. It means A LOT to me.

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