Friday, October 12, 2018

Primal Life Organics: LED Teeth Whitening System

We are excited about the LED Whitening System- it is 100% peroxide free and will help whiten the teeth as well as remineralize and heal the gum tissue.

The Teeth Whitening System works THREE Ways:

 Blue light technology whitens teeth and reduces growth of bacteria that causes gingivitis (but does not harm good oral bacteria needed to fight bad bacteria and strengthen internal immune system)

 Red light technology promotes wound healing and tissue repair, reduces inflammation and can help prevent recurring mouth sores. Red Light has been shown to protect gum tissues and teeth surfaces from bacteria that cause gingivitis and periodontitis.

 Activated Charcoal Gel: Peroxide free gel made with olive oil, activated charcoal, essential oils and clays. Gentle on gums and oral tissues. Clays contain minerals to strengthen teeth. Helps teeth look whiter and feel stronger and cleaner.

Please help us change Dental Health around the globe!!


P.S.  You can get $10 dollars off your purchase of the LED Whitening System or any purchase of $50 or more! Use coupon code TODAY10 (valid  OCT 13-  OCT 15)

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