Monday, May 21, 2018

Nailed It: DIY Gel Nails

Recently I've been doing my own gel manicures at home ( it's my personal passion/hobby). I also realized that I hadn't done any nail post here in a while, and that I hadn't shared any pictures on the blog (seriously I'm trying to blog more).  It's not that I don't love getting my gels done at my favorite places by my favorite nail artist (Bisou Nail Lounge, Masako at Anton's Salon and Annex, or Laurel aka Pizza Perfect Nails in SF), it's just saving money is a priority and I've found that when I do my own they last way long (I found a really good gel base that works for me).

Check out what I've been up to over the past few months.

This was my first set back, not sure why I insisted on a dark color (hardest to work with especially for a novice/hobby). These lasted 2 full weeks and I could have gone longer.

These were my birthday nails, I was paying homage to the amethyst stone, and my favorite color with these.  They might be my favorite as well (I nailed it with the hand drawn glitter lines). These lasted 2 weeks as well (and could have gone longer), the striping tape was hard to work with though.

I took inspiration from one of my favorite nail artist Unistella and her "Diamond Nail" creation. I added my own special flair to my thumbs to make them my own unique design. These were so fun. ( These lasted close to three weeks).

These were an oops nail. I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do and ended up here. I didn't love them as much as the others, but other people really enjoyed them (they were also a tad too long, I like my shorties).

An Au Natural look doesn't have to be boring. These were subtle and eye catching at the same time. These lasted for soooooooo long I really could have gone 4 weeks with these, but I ended up just going 3.

These are a close second for my favorite nails. These were TOO FUN (well still are, I have them on now). I used a splatter technique I  used to do with regular polish.

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