Friday, May 25, 2018

Beauty/Health Find: The CBD Skincare Company

I like many people have been using CBD which is a cannabinoid (one of the main two) found in the marijuana plant for a while now. And nope, it does not get you high like it's friend THC. CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the plant, and holds some really healing, helpful,  properties  such as anti-seizure, and anti-tumor  as well as some great beauty benefits (improvement of hair, skin, and nail appearance). CBD is  an antioxidant (stronger than vitamin c and e) which helps protect from free radicals and fight the signs of aging. Not to mention it helps treat some specific skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema. The  main property I use it for is anti-inflammation and I use it via  transdermal (through the skin your largest organ) micro dosing (small doses depending on the amount that is in each product). I  typically use a skin salve (think Bengay, but all natural, better working, better for you and not stinky), but I was looking for other more affordable options.

I came upon The CBD Skincare Company via the  Instagram account of one of my favorite fitness ladies NatalieKnowsFitness. I thought she was promoting the brand but, come to find out that she owned the company. I looked over the site, and what they were offering and since I'd already done my research on topical CBD I made a purchase. Note: This claim of anti-inflammation and pain reduction has been studied by several respected and notable institutions, including the National Institute of Health(

After using both bars for a little over a week (mostly at night post gym or anytime post workout) I’ve noticed my skin is much softer, and it also aided in getting rid of a pimple quickly. I also noticed that it added in my recovery from post gym soreness (I also tested this by not using my usual CBD infused topical salve for inflammation while testing this soap out). I  even used it on my face (I absolutely love skincare) and it's a good addition to my skincare routine. As a matter of fact CBD (hemp oil) has been used in skincare brands for years way before the legalization (in some states) or pro-legalization boom.  

Another great thing about this product is it seems to be  long lasting. I cut each bar in half and placed them in the driest area of my shower for daily use. Both of the original halves I started with are still almost the size they were when I started and I have two unused second halves to go.
Now let's get down to the ingredients and other details (where to buy etc.). The CBD Skincare Co. has a total of 10 soap options, 7 of which that contain 50mg of full spectrum CBD and 3 that have 100mg of full spectrum CBD. The ingredients of each are really simple saponified sunflower/safflower, coconut, and palm oils (with retained glycerin). Each then include it's specific dose of CBD and all natural oils for fragrance. The 50 mg options are priced at $12 per 4oz bar, and the 100mg options is priced at $18 per 4 oz bar. The soaps are also cruelty free, Non GMO, 100% Natural, and Eco Friendly. You can purchase the soaps at The CBD Skincare Co website and following them or ask any further questions about the brand on the following social media locations:

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