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Hey guys, I was able to get my hands on a brand that I had not heard of (currently sold exclusively online), PUCKERED.  PUCKERED was founded by Sylvia Russell who has been working in makeup artistry and lifestyle for decades. Sylvia has done stints with the Tampa Bay Cheerleaders as a makeup artist, was the beauty and lifestyle expert from Tampa’s WFLA, Channel 8 and Channel 10, as well as a range of other work. She started PUCKERED in August 2017 and plans to move the brand from strictly ecommerce to pop ups and eventually retail locations.  PUCKERED is touted as “a beauty brand with a passion for lips” which celebrates “…the beauty in every woman and empowers women of color and of different ethnicities, to create the life they want.” I really enjoy the sentiment behind the brand, which is why I was willing to support it with a purchase.


I ended up purchasing two items once gloss (in Scarlett Red) and one Liquid Matte (in Creme)


Overall the formulation of both the gloss and matte applied well, had lasting power (I only wore one around the house), and didn’t dry out my lips. They also smell good (faint vanilla scent), and have a nice applicator (thin doe tip).  The one thing I did find frustrating not only here, and comes up  when I can only purchase online is that the colors weren’t swatched or represented on an array of skin tones to give me an accurate  visual description of the color. This is even more for a brand that celebrates “…the beauty in every woman and empowers women of color…” The color Creme I purchased looked orange online, but was 100% a totally different color when you get it home (see the color from the site below), now I’m stuck with a color I have to do magic with lip pencils and other colors to make work. I really just like to put on a color and maybe a lip liner that matches exactly and go. Other than that complaint which is kind of major I would say that everything else is good I really did enjoy the gloss, I’d even be willing to repurchase the gloss I have and pick up the  “Rosette” and “Baby Doll” colors of gloss as well without fear they wouldn’t work for me once I got them.


 Facts about the product:

Vegan and Gluten Free

Hours of kiss proof wear

Soft silk texture wit a flexible feel

Paraben and sulfite free

Cruelty Free

Made in the USA




Price Point:


$12-$21 depending on if you get a liquid matte , mattetastic metal, hydrating lip gloss  line and define lip liner,  or lip kit.




If you’ve had experience with this brand or would like to know additional information please let me know.

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