Thursday, February 22, 2018

SF Beer Week 2018 Wrap Up

I’ve been attending San Francisco Beer Week (SF Beer Week) events for the past 3 years, and I even highlighted it once here.  I wasn’t lucky enough to get to attend the SF Beer Week Pre-Party/Launch even, but I was able to attend 3 events.


The first event was s Sour Sunday (Sour Beers are my all-time favorite). This even is held at Jupiter and Triple Rock both in Berkeley, so for an East Bay resident this is an event that’s easy to lyft to (and Lyfting is a must). The Jupiter location has 12 + stations and each station have at least 2 beers (including some unreleased beers from local favorites like Drake’s). . After you get your fill at Jupiter you can walk two blocks to Triple Rock, which features almost exclusively bottle beers, so if you really don’t want to miss any, I highly suggest you stop at this location first then go to Jupiter. This particular event is a staple for me (I don’t ever plan on missing it), and I highly suggest you splurge on the VIP tickets which includes a glass, shirt, and unlimited 3 oz. tastings.


The next event has been going on for 5 years, but this year was my first time attending. It was the Uptown Funk: Beer and Cheese Tasting, which is held at Drake’s Dealership in Oakland.  This was a fun and educational event which featured 7 beers and 6 cheeses. The pairings were really good and unique in some instances and it was capped off by a combination that tasted like a rich and creamy coffee shake, and it introduced me to a Croatian cheese that I know love called Paski Sir (which I must now find).  The event was curated by Drake’s Brewing Co Barrel Program Manager Travis Camacho, and Local Cheese Expert Kristin Jackson. Travis and Kristen described both the beer and cheese pairings and allowed each attendee to sip/taste and then engage in discussion on the flavors etc. For me the highlight of the event for me was I got a chance to try one of the best I’ve had in a long while. It’s called the Smoked Brette  (a blonde sour with smoked tea, 5.8% abv), and you may still be able to try it it’s on tap at the dealership location.




The last official event (I popped my head in a few of the free ones on the weekend) was the Aisle 5 20X 20.  This was nice and also another East Bay convenient location at a new pub/restaurant in Oakland (Aisle 5)  and also a celebration of the venues 1 year anniversary. The event features 6 local breweries  (Laughing Monk Brewing, Headlands Brewing Company, Oakland United Beerworks, Gilman Brewing Company, Sufferfest Beer Company and Ghost Town Brewing!)  and featured 20 unique beers.  Each attend received a 5oz pour of all 20 beers (If you choose to try them all), plus to celebrate the actual venue you also received 20% the food menu. This event started off slower (I’m chalking it up to a weekday, Black Panther premiere day, and it started at 5pm), but it picked up around 6:30pm and all the brewers were knowledgeable and eager to chat about their creations. What I did like about this event is there was even a Cider place (Blindwood Cider, Berkeley) that had a wonderful Dry Hop Cider)


I would say the most unique and tasty beer I had all night would be the “No Filter Banana Split Bock” a light in sport dark beer with some wonderful flavors from Oakland United (the Brewery will be opening in Jack London Square area in about 2 months).


Finally on Saturday I stumbled upon a Japanese Beer Fest at The Trappist There were several selections, and the theme was Yuzu. I of course I had to get the Hitachino Yuzu Lager Beer, followed by a “Wednesday Cat” Belgian Style White Ale.



Overall I say I had a successful SF Beer Week, and I can’t wait until next year!

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