Monday, February 12, 2018

Goodbye Belle Butters ( + Bonus Brands to Know)

I’ve discussed Belle Butters more than once and I absolutely love the products and deeply respect and admire the woman behind them (that friend in your head/online). Last year she gave her customers notice that she’d be closing up shop permanently in 2018. She gave updates and notice in her newsletters (even though she really didn’t have to) over time, however the change happened faster than expected for  her and her customers because in under a week her shop will be closed permanently (insert the saddest of funeral music here).


If you weren’t like me and didn’t start quietly stocking up last year there is still hope. You can stock up (within reason there are limits per customer) on your favorite products with a 22% discount through 2/18 (the show will officially closed on 2/19). Like I mentioned I have a good supply of the items I really enjoy from Belle Butters, the sad  news for me personally  is after I finally run out of Black Current and Lavender Oil Cleanser I will not know what to do (I’m currently looking for a replacement, but have two full bottles on the way, and one and a half bottles at home) as that for me is the only product I don’t think I can ever replace.



Moving forward there are some good options for when your Belle Butter stash runs out. Here are a few other brands I enjoy, and have great quality products as well as customer service.



Clean Glow


What’s Similar :


  • Butters com in a variety of fragrances

  • Can use the products on the hair and body

  • Has a beard specific products (Belle Butters has a men's balm)

  • Multiple Size options (4 and 8 oz.)


What’s Special:

  • Texture is almost like a balm meets traditional shea butter

  • Price point (one of the most reasonable brands I’ve seen)


Shea Shea Bakery

What’s Similar:

  • Variety of fragrances

  • Multiple size options

  • Also has skincare


What’s Special:

  • The variety of fragrances is vast and fun

  • Very unique packaging

  • Home goods items (candles/wax melts etc.

  • Box of the Month option (a variety of themed items)

Honey and Petal

What’s Similar:

  • Variety of fragrance

  • Can use the product on hair and body


What’s Special:


  • Unique formulation

  • Non-Shea option for those with allergies

  • Unique skincare items

  • Also has add on bath accessories


Don’t forget to wish Belle Butters' luck on her new adventures and let her know how much she'll be missed (she’s typically on twitter @BelleButters).

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