Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Brand New Alert: Form Beauty Minis

Photo Cred: Form Beauty

If you listen to podcast then you may have heard about Bevel (a razor system made for skin and hair that is often overlooked) , well Bevel now has a sister brand called Form Beauty. I’ve been excited since this brand was announced and even took my consultation to learn what products (the brand calls it a regimen) will work for me. But, if you are following  my YouTube page then you know how much I enjoy  my  current shampoo/conditioner I’m using, so I did not make the leap and buy the brand when it was originally released

Today, Form Beauty launched minis of every product in its line. I’m super excited that I now get to try all the products in my hair without taking the full size risk just yet. Did I mention that it’s also sold at Sephora (however the minis are exclusive to Form Beauty’s site).  The brand is meant for all types (or should I say forms) of hair, not just for girls like me with jet black springy coils. It won’t hurt to take the consultation and now you don’t have to buy a full size with the introduction of the minis.

Photo Cred: Form Beauty



My Form Consultations Results:


Clarify Detoxing Shampoo

Cleanse – Gentle Shampoo (Did not purchase mini will try later)

Hydrate Moisturizing Conditioner

Multitask 3-in 1 leave- in lotion

Define Elongating Curl Cream

Polish Moisture-Sealing Pomade


Happy Shopping!


P.S. Get free shipping by using the code "minis" at check out.

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