Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Smarty Pits from Handcrafted Honeybee (Pumpkin Spice Bonus)

Quick back story I’ve made a conscious effort to make sure my largest organ (my skin) is treated with the same care and thought as my internal ones. I try to use products with no chemicals, or materials that have been shown to be safe and also benefit the skin in the long run.  So when it comes to deodorant I’m “all natural” (or as natural as you can get with actually still wearing product). At night I typically put on the crystal deodorant which works well for me, but since I have such long days and end them at the gym I need something that is natural but effective. I went through many items some of which just smelled awful, and others that kept me more sweaty that normal.


In comes Smarty Pits from Handcrafted Honeybee I did not have that problem. The Smarty Pits deodorant keeps me pretty much sweat free (although it’s not technically an antiperspirant) and odor free from 6am to 7pm which includes a 1 and a half hour gym session, and a lot of that is because there unique formulation includes probiotics which gets your body to work in your favor. I came across the brand on Instagram and thought, why not try it since it’s a Northern California based brand and I knew it would get to me via mailed quickly. One other note, I have a serious baking soda sensitivity (I get itchy and a gross rash under my arms if I use an item with it) so I was happy to know that a baking soda free option (Magnesium is used instead) was available. I selected the Coconut Mango fragrance (they have fragrance free), and have been happy using it for over 3 months.

Cut to about a week ago, when the Smarty Pits announced that they were introducing a Pumpkin Spice fragrance.  Have said that I’m a card carrying member of the pumpkin spice Fan Club, the pumpkin spice hive if you will so this was up my ally, and I immediately ordered. I cannot wait until November when the Almond Biscotti fragrance will be released.


If you already use an all-natural deodorant and looking to change up, or wanting to get away from the drug store brands, I highly recommend Smarty Pits

Price Point- $12 for 2.37 oz , $5 for 0.35oz, or $15 for 4 0.35oz containers

Where to Buy- Primarily online at the website, however check this link for stores in each state

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