Monday, July 31, 2017

Nailed It: d.i.d nail paint


I’m back, and here with one of my favorite topics, nail polish (remember when I had a line). This time I’m night highlighting nail art, I or my favorite nail artist did, but a polish line. One think you may not know about me, is other than Japanese Nail Art, I really like supporting nail polish/nail care brands that are owned by women of color (WOC), I have a few favorites, that I’ll let you know about in another post, but I came across a new one and I’m so excited.





d.i.d nail paint is a 8- free, and cruelty free nail polish line, which was started by nail technical Adrienne Blanks  The line launched with a Indiegogo crowdfunding even a few years back, and now the bottles have changed and the brand seems to be doing well. The color range is not as expansive as some of your name brands; however the collection has a core group of colors, along with some bright options for the summertime.  I’m personally in love with “The Nude Collection”., and picked up “Skinny Dip” as well as “The Nail Care Essentials” kit  (Non acetone+ moisturizing remover, Start (Primer), and Photo Finish (high gloss top coat) ).  The one color from the line I’m dying to get my hands on is “Sweet Potato Pie” ( I could go for an actual slice too), but it’s sold out. Overall I’m happy with my purchases, the primer and top coat are AMAZING (and play well with other polishes), and the nude is perfection.  

My nails are so well moisturized after using this remover.

The Remover is one of the most unique nail products I have tried. It’s unlike any other “safe” remover I’ve tried as well, it is 100% moisturizing, removes polish well (I had polish that had glitter in it), and has absolutely ZERO polish remover smell (even the other healthy ones have similar scents). I highly recommend this product to those who have issues with the scent, and also want to keep the toxins around them low.



If you want to purchase anything from d.i.d nail paint check out the website, or social media accounts:









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