Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cute Collabo: Reebok + FACE Stockholm

Photo Credit: FACE Stockholm

I’ve known of FACE Stockholm as a cosmetics brand for a very long time, and have picked up an item along the way. What I admire as much as FACE Stockholm’s cosmetics line, are the collaborations they have with Reebok. For the past few years the collaborations have focused on the classic Reebok line (low and high tops), in limited edition and often times in metallic colorways.  While I’ve wanted a pair for a while I never “pulled the trigger”. The most recent collaboration features the Rebook classic Freestyle Hi Rebook, circa 1982, that year is significant since it’s the same year that the first FACE Stockholm (founded in 1980) store was opened in Sweden by Gun Nowak.  The current Reebok + FACE Stockholm are available in colors Loyal, Optimistic, Courage, and Tough.  While I like all the colors, I’m really in love with Loyal (an almond milk white), and Optimistic (a light nude).

Photo Credit: Reebok


Which ones would you pick? Happy Shopping!

Photo Credit: Reebok

Where to Buy:


You can get them on either the Reebok (they are literally only one cent cheaper there) or on the Face Stockholm sites. They retail for $89.99/$90.00


P.S. Some of the previous collection is on sale as Face Stockholm.com

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