Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Honey & Petals, L.A. Nights Collection

I've written about this brand before, although it was a short post and they've had a rebranding since then. Luxe Oil is now Honey and Petals, but regardless of a name change the brand still maintains its quality and its smart blend of oils which make up the Plush Oil and the Organic Shea Butter both of which keep your skin healthy and beautiful.


For Summer 2016  Honey & Petals launched a limited edition line called L.A. Nights, which features a updated version of my favorite fragrance Woo (now Woo 16), and two new fragrances Black Cherry Ave. and Blood Orange. I ended up purchasing Woo 16 Plush Oil and Shea Butter, along with Black Cherry. I absolutely love them both.


L.A. Nights Fragrance Profile:


black cherry ave [f]

sweet/ black cherry/ merlot


blood orange [f]

citrus/ orange/ raspberry


woo16 [f]

juicy/ plum/ goji berry/ blood orange


Where to find Honey & PETALS:




Check out my first impressions of the L.A. Nights collection:

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