Monday, April 11, 2016

Glossier Haul

Hey guys, I know it's been a while since I posted, honestly I just wasn't motivated and I didn't want to bring you CRAP content just to put out content.

I 've been hearing about the brand Glossier around the internet and saw one of my favorite beauty bloggers ThisThatBeauty use one of their mask on snapchat, as well as about their cleanser on a podcast I listen to. I went to the site and well I have to say I was impressed. Glossier. prides itself in "Beauty In Real Life", "Skincare before makeup", and embracing real life beauty, imperfections and all. . These are tenants I can get behind, and since I already have a skincare regiment I like (and I'm super weird about changing up), I took a look at their makeup. and eventually picked up Perfecting Skin Tint (which is classified as skin care and not make up), Coconut Balm Dotcom, Stretch Concealer, and Generation G. I know you are like what the hell are these, well here's the break down:

Coconut Balm Dotcom-"It's our cult favorite do-anything skin salve with a mood boosting update - the same super dense formula is made with beeswax and castor seed oil for long lasting hydration, plant extracts provide antioxidants and skin-enhancing nutrients....."  You can pretty much use it on you lips, add a dewy sheen to your eye lids or cheek bones as well (hell slather it all over your face). The one I probably won't be purchasing again, since it has petroleum in it.

Perfecting Skin Tint- ":In the lan between bare skin and make makeup exsist the imperceptible wash of color that is Perfecting Skin Tint....."Evens out discoloration leaves your face looking toned , smooth, and dewy." Even cooler is the online store has a tool that allows you to take a picture of yourself to ensure you pick the right color. Even better he line expanded to include dark, deep, and rich skin tones for my women of color!!! :)

Generation G- "It's a new kind of lip color that gives the look and finish of a stain, but glides on and wears like a tinted balm. The effect? Diffused, sheer matte goodness...."

Stretch Concealer- "Ours is a new type of concealer with elastic micro waxes that move with your face. The buildable  formula covers everything from dark circles to redness and zits."

Each of the products are sheer, softy, and dewy giving you a natural look. While I'm a barefaced girl during the week, these are products you could 100% wear every day!  Have you heard of Glossier., what are your favorite products (products you'd like to try)?

I'm 100% happy with these purchases, check out my YouTube video on me applying and wearing the products to see for yourself.

Check out Glossier. here!!!

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