Friday, September 25, 2015

Style Steal: Curlbox Naturals September featuring Deva Curl Decadence

I had to rush and get you all this information before the items sold out. I use to big on Subscription boxes, especially ones for natural hair care. I finally found products and techniques that work well for my curly hair which meant no more subscriptions for me.  That is until today, my favorite box from the past Curlbox recently released their “Curlbox Naturals” Subscription box for September, and it featured DevaCurl products. If you follow my YouTube page (and if you don’t what’s wrong with you), then you know I LOVE Deva Curl products. You also know that these products aren’t cheap, and finding them on sale is nearly impossible! So of course I ordered the $35 dollar (plus 5 dollars shipping), September Curlbox Naturals, for which I’ll receive Deva Curl Decadence No Poo, Decadence One Conditioner, and the SuperCream, which were all released in the last 90 days.


Granted I already have all three of the products, but as someone with really thick curly hair who washes it weekly I’ll always need to restock. Did I also mention that if you were to buy the Decadence No Poo and One Condition in stores it would be over $40 add on $20 plus for Supercream and you are well over $60 so $35 is a steal!


Not convinced of how great this deal is, or if the products work well check out my videos on these products:








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