Monday, June 15, 2015

Style File Find of the Week: Denim Joggers

Photo Cred: Hollister Co (this is the pair I got)

I know many ladies have done it, worn our boyfriends (brother, or male besties) clothing, but have you ever asked a guy “where’d you get that?”, so that you can pick up the item for yourself. This weekend I did just that I saw a guy in some really cool jogger jeans and after some thought he let me know he got them from my former workplace Abercrombie and Fitch (yeap, worked there for several years!).

Photo Credit : Hollister Co.

After pursing the site and finding out they were $69 bucks, I took my little sisters advice and checked the Hollister website. On the Hollister Co. Site they were $15.73 to $26.97  they also have them in women’s but the men’s version looks much better and since they aren’t a fitted style it doesn’t really matter if you buy the guys version.  This is perfect summer wear; you can wear them at your ankles or push them up when it gets warmer and throw on a simple top a go!

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