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Beauty Find of the Week: Bait Hair Perfume

Photo Credit: Bait Hair Perfume
I typically wash my hair once a week, and when I’m rocking my hair in a wash and go (my hair in its natural state) I’ll re-wet and run conditioner through it during one additional time during the week. Occasionally I like to wear my hair twists outs, and when I do them I like to wear them for a while before washing and restyling (a couple weeks at least).  You may also know that I love all natural fragrances specifically of the gourmand (fragrances that smell like food) variety. Combine my desire to refresh my hair regularly without full on washing it with my love for gourmand fragrances and you have Bait Hair Perfumes.

Photo Credit: Bay Area Style File

I stumbled across Bait Hair Perfume in the one place I almost always ignore the “Who to Follow” section of twitter.  Bait Hair Perfume is exactly what it says, a perfume for your hair but so much more. If you were to spray regular perfume on your hair (a big no no) it would dry it out, but Bait is designed to actually refresh your hair not only add fragrance. Bait Hair Perfume was designed to last since it has a higher amount of fragrance than standard perfumes, which allows it to last up to 12 hours and is formulated to cling to the hair.


Photo Credit: Bay Area Style File

As for  how the product is doing on my natural curly/coily hair I love it, since I don’t wash my hair every day it’s perfect first thing in the morning after I get out of the shower, but my favorite time to spray it is after the gym (before I shower). One thing that  I was surprised is  that this product didn’t alter the look or feel of my naturally coily/curly hair even though this product does contain silicone (alcohol, silicone, and fragrance) which is a no-no for those who are strict in the curly girl method which means I’ll be using this a bit more sparingly. Another great thing is if you aren't sure which one you want, you can get a sampler like me for $12, the full sizes are $38, and the entire collection aka The Tackle Box is $125

Photo Credit: Bay Area Style File

Fragrance Descriptions (I put them in order of my least to most favorite scent):

Femme Fatale: “With exotic forbidden fruits, warm vanilla, and hints of dark amber, this sensual scent has been known to lead to irresistibly dangerous situations.” This smells great, but it’s a tad too much on the amber/musky side and less like vanilla. This is definitely more of a night time scent.

Skinny Dipper: “An intoxicating cocktail of coconut, suntan lotion, and pool side aroma, this beachy scent will capture the memories of your wildest summer nights.” This one was hard to rank, because this is the one I keep in my gym bag and is the most refreshing of the fragrances. If any fragrance would be appropriate for a man too, this would be it!

Heart Breaker: “A sugar rush of pink cotton candy and decadent vanilla cupcake, this sweet and flirtatious scent will have them begging you for more.” This one reminds me of the really popular pink sugar fragrance, and I love it. It smells sugary sweet, although I don’t overtly smell cupcake but I still enjoyed the sweetness of the overall scent.

Day Dreamer: “A perfect harmony of creamy orange sherbet, coconut, and soft vanilla, this summery scent will surround your dreams with peace and love.” Ahhhh orange soda goodness and creamy sweetness is what this one reminds me of. It’s the most gourmand scent of the 4 and my favorite (definitely going to purchase the full size bottle).

(All are cruelty free and the company is in the process of being PETA certified)

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Disclosure: The product(s) in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR company for consideration. However all thoughts about the product are my own.

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