Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Beauty Quickie: FOREO LUNA mini

Photo Credit: Sephora

LUNA mini

HOW (it looks, smells , cost etc):
This palm size, colorful (multiple color options), round, rubbery bristled, sonically moving object is far more useful than it’s strange appearance may lead you to believe, the shape is actually ergonomic and makes it easy to handle.
 The LUNA mini model is a two speed device which uses the T Sonic technology that delivers 8,000 pulses per minute which removes deadskin, dirt, and yes makeup too. Price Point: $139 for the mini model and $199 for the LUNA and LUNA Men’s ( 8 speed devices)



Sephora, and http://www.foreo.com/


I’ve used  another cleansing brush for a while now and it gets pricey replacing the brush several times of year, and to be honest it doesn’t travel well. Not to mention if you have   have sensitive skin traditional bristles for you The LUNA mini is great it stays charged for over 300 uses, and when in use I can’t even really feel the individual  bristles on my face, but somehow my face is cleansed to perfection. Spending 139-199 bucks up front and never really having to worry about charging, additional purchases beats out any cleansing brush on the market financial which is why I’m a huge fan!  

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars (Perfect)


Check out my first time using it here:

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Anonymous said...

I love your reviews, jus discoverredn you videos on youtube. Thank you for your efforts and will watch your videos. Also your nails are beautiful. I even like the robot better than the usual ones bedcause I can see the what they want.. sorry typos am hadnicappped shhakeeees

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