Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Gnarly Whale Beach Waves

A while back I’d been looking at The Gnarly Whale’s Beach Wave product as a curl refresher, but I was a bit hesitant because I had never seen any black girls use a beach wave product in their natural hair. Honestly, salt in some instances is deemed drying and therefore bad for natural African American hair. I went back and forth and decided not to buy it, but was still very interested. Luckily I was not alone and a curly hair blogger Quest for The Perfect Curl (Elle) with hair similar to mine asked about the product on her facebook page, month’s later she bought the product and used it.  I was so glad she did, it was my green light to move forward with my purchase.  The first item I bought was in the sale section, the pineapple ginger beach wave spray. It smells wonderful just like a tropical vacation, and it works really well, I use it to refresh my curls or to change up styles mid-week.  I also use it on my scalp after especially after my noon workouts.


Another great thing about The Gnarly Whale is they aren’t just beach wave spray they have other hair care items as well as great soaps. You also won’t feel bad about buying from them, because they give back  10% of their monthly profits go to charity monthly, 5% goes to Earth Justice: a non-profit law organization that's dedicated to helping protect and preserve places, nature resources, wildlife, and our environment. 5% goes to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium: a non-profit aquarium that strives to protect marine life and environment while inspiring and encouraging the human spirit through education, rehabilitation, rescue, release and more.



Check out my video (it also has a link to Elle’s video):




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