Monday, February 16, 2015

My DevaCut at MaduSalon

This post is better late than never! This year I decided to finally let someone else help take care of my hair for a change. For me that meant getting a DevaCut, what’s a DevaCut you ask? It’s basically a cutting technique for women with curly hair (all curls great and small) perfected at the DevaChan salon in NYC (there are more around the country now) . The process is simple you go to a Deva Certified Stylist with your curly hair in its natural state (no blow outs/ or pony tails).  The stylist will cut your hair curl by individual hair, this way you know exactly how your hair will look curly.


I choose to go to MaduSalon in San Francisco, because they have a variety of Deva Certified stylist many with hair similar to the texture of my own which is always cool. The process was pretty simple she did a very light trim of my hair, cleansed my hair, applied stylers and I sat under the dryer. Once I was out of the dryer she then shaped up my hair (still not cutting too much). This left my hair in a great shape which will grow out nicely. Check out my results:




DevaCuts can be a little pricey, BUT if you go to someone who does them well you only have to go back every 5 to 6 months!

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