Monday, September 29, 2014

Nailed It: Natural Nail Challenge

I know I've been quiet on the blog front and especially quiet in the beauty realm  all together (updates about my nail polish brand Lacquery later). As a lady with natural hair there's a term called "protective styling" which basically means a style in which your hair (especially the ends) are kept under wraps, by either braiding, twisting, weaves etc. Many people also do protective style challenge in which they keep different protective style in for extended periods of time typically seasons.

I'm in need of a manicure this week, but this is how I'm starting off my challenge!


I thought since I take care of my hair and know the benefits of protective styling and minimal manipulation of my hair why wouldn't it be the same for my nails? While there is no way to fully protect your nails, I thought why not be 100% natural for an extended period of time? For me that means investing in some all natural nail/hand/skin products, regular manicures (bi-weekly) with not cuticle cutting and *drumroll* no nail polish! I'll be updating periodically when I find a new products or new techniques.


Check out the video below and the burial of my beloved nail polish:

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