Monday, July 7, 2014

Cover Shot: Solange Knowles + Lucky Magazine

This cover shot is all about that spectacular hair Solange is rocking (well it is for me). All I want to know are details and more details on how I can recreate this look.  I could really care less about her disclosure (or lack thereof) regarding the infamous elevator incident again, hair information please! My guess is there was a light blow out on her hair and some loose finger waving in the front, but how did she get those cotton candy like textured ends ( I must know).  The effortless pastel pants, sweatshirt, and minimal makeup balance out the look. This is something very attainable which is why I love this cover so much, great job by Lucky! I'll be buying this issue TODAY! 

Check out my hair at the video below I can get similar volume (without heat) just how do I get the curls/waves back in to achieve the cover look?

Photo Credit: Todd Cole for Lucky Magazine

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