Monday, May 12, 2014

Nailed It: VinylLux

I bit the bullet and purchased CND VinylLux nail polish. VinylLux claims to be a 7 day nail polish just a step below CND’s Shellac polish which last two or more weeks and requires a UV light, you don't need a base coat and natural light (Top Coat uses "Pro-Light" Technology) is suppose increase the durability of the polish.  VinylLux’s consistency is what I would consider normal, not too thick and definitely not thin on the brush (medium consistency). As far as application it was very easy just like any other nail polish, when I applied the first coat I was surprised at how thin and flat it went on the second coat was similar however it filled in to a full color once it dried (drying was really fast).  The top coat was also a normal consistency the only thing is when applied it was a  bit streaky little streaky but as it dried the streaks disappeared. Overall VinylLux gives you a nice coat of color I’m overall satisfied with how it looked initially but it’s definitely not as high shine as CND’s shellac.

Now let’s see if it lasted 7 days (slide show in the video)!

·         You can find it on Amazon
·         It’s price point is in alignment with Essie or OPI colors (not too expensive)
·         Even though you don’t use a base coat your nails do not stain
·         For someone who’s nails chip extremely early(i.e. the next day) it’s a little better

·         Can’t find it in a drugstore or many beauty supplies
·           Service is typically an add on in Salons (i.e. they charge more for something that is not a complex service )
·              Color range is limited (131 colors in all) 
·               Will not always last 7 days
·         Pro Light Technology Top Coat is flawed, while natural light is better than the UV lamps promoting more sun is not necessarily safe for all. 


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Frankie Clarke said...

I currently use Shellac and have been interested in trying Vinylux for when my nails neefd a rest so this was good to see :)

Frankie Boo Blog

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