Monday, April 21, 2014

Night time Skin Care Routine

Overtime you as my blog readers have seen my skin go up and down including some pretty knarly pictures of dark spots. I tried everything from the Wonderbar (which I still kind of like by the way) to Mario Badescu. All the products I tried were of great quality and work for other people, but I found when I decided to get natural with my hair, and eating habits that my skincare also had to follow. I’m glad I can finally share clear and minimal dark spot skin.

P.S. Why aren’t you following my Vlog too? There are videos there I don’t share here J

Where to Buy:

Whipped Goods Oil Cleanser- (4oz -$14.00)

Everyday Coconut, Coconut Face Toner -    (12oz - $6.29 or you can pick up in stores like Whole Foods etc.)

Bonus Buy for inside out beauty= Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil -  ($43.25-8oz I use Cinnamon Tingle Flavor)

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