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CrossFit Corner: Project X

Men's Berzerker Tee

I’ve recently been talking about CrossFit more and more in some of my post always mindful to not speak about it too much to make my readers who don’t participate in CrossFit mad. All of you know that I obviously love clothes, so I figured what better way to speak about one of the sports  I’m passionate about other than through what I wear. Project X is a  SF Bay Area  (San Jose, CA) based company started by Todd Hernandez  along with his wife. The company specializes in tanks (although they do have some men’s shorts at their shop) for both men and women which typically have some Crossfit-esque theme on them.  Even if you aren’t a  CrossFit’r you’ll appreciate the “Mahalo Burpees”  or the “Aloha Thrusters” tanks, and if you are a fan of the  “Biggest Loser” television show then you’ll also appreciate that the company has a great relationship with Bob Harper.  What I personally appreciate about the line is that I get functional clothing, that’s cool and thoughtful  as apposed to cute and and overly girly (nobody really wants to look cute at the box) as well as the exclusivity.  Yes, exclusivity Project X only produces a limited number of each design and they frequently make designs that are released one day and sold out the same day.   Another bonus is most designs are made in men’s and women’s cuts so no one is ever left out.
Hella Double Unders Tank ( the first top I purchased from the company)

Enough of me blabbering about how much I love their tanks, I got to ask the self proclaimed and fellow “CrossFit Nerd”  Todd Hernandez  a few questions about his company and here’s what he had to say.

When did you get started?

Todd: We started Project X in August of 2012.  The idea came to use after the 2012 Regional where we saw lots of people interested in CrossFit clothing but not a lot of unique options for people to choose from.

There seems to be a link to Hawaii, why is that?

Todd: Every design has a very personal connection for me.  I asked my wife to marry me on Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland.  This ride was the basis for our KettleSkull design.  I love Hawaii.  We gave our son a Hawaiian middle name.  We try and take a very positive spin on CrossFit.  The phrases ‘Aloha Thrusters’ and ‘Mahalo Burpees’ were my way of adding a bit of this place I love to movements which you don’t always want to see on the board.  When I first came up with the idea for these a lot of people thought it just didn’t make sense but they have since become two of our most popular designs.  Obviously our relationship with Bob Harper helped this out!

Neon Dia De Los Deadlifts Tank, release date 3/13 at 6pm PST

Are you ever at any of the Bay Area CrossFit events (Moxie Madness, Battle of the Sexes etc.) selling your shirts?

Todd: Yes!  We love to get out in the community.  We try and do an even every month or so.  We last attended the SacTown throw down.  I drop into local boxes all the time to meet new people and introduce them to our brand.  We’ll also be out at Regionals. 

Will you be expanding into other types of CrossFit clothing (women’s shorts etc.)?

Todd: We definitely dabble in other products but we’re very careful to select garments which meet the high quality aspect of our brand.  We’ve done unisex shorts and have some other items in the works.  We also collaborate with brands like RPM Fitness on occasion to offer Project X versions of other CrossFit related goods.

Is there anything else not on the site or I haven’t asked you’d like to share?

Todd: We’re basically CrossFit Nerds.  I have this wide range of tastes, interests and experiences which feed into the designs we create.  My background is in tech and music.  We’re really trying to do something very different with the brand but our main focus has and will always be providing the best Customer Experience in the world.  We like to be the first to try new things.  I need to work on my lifting technique.  I listen to a lot of Hall ’n Oates right now.  I wish Rage Against the Machine would make another album.  I hope to get back to Japan some day soon.  I prefer summer over winter.  You’re probably expecting me to be taller.  I like to drive station wagons.  Chicago, the city, is really fun. My house has lots of Dr. Seuss Art.  I enjoy sandwiches.

And who doesn’t enjoy sandwiches and Hall n’ Oates?

Mahalo Burpees Tank. Although I'm not sure who thanks them LOL

Check out Project X on the interwebs:

Instagram -  @iamprojectx
Twitter - @iamprojectx

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