Thursday, January 16, 2014

Snacktime with Hail Merry

I’m living the no gluten, no grain, no processed sugars lifestyle (with the occasional cheat meal) but that does not equate to no fun. There are many up and coming companies that are accommodating people, in the sugar free, paleo, real food and primal lifestyles and while accommodating them they are also offering an alternative to everyone else who wants to have a treat without all of the guilt.

One brand that has been around for a while (5 years) and established itself as top tier in the realm of healthy sweets alternative is Hail Merry.  Hail Merry also separates themselves from some of the smaller brands due to the fact that they guarantee a fully gluten free kitchen ( some other companies have to share kitchens with gluten based products)  which means they are perfectly safe for someone with gluten sensitivity or gluten allergy.  As of January Hail Merry’s kitchen space has tripled in capacity guaranteeing that you‘ll always have your favorite Hail Merry Tart, or Macaroons on hand at your favorite grocery story. Another feather in the cap of this women-owned company (go ladies!) is that you don’t have to worry about genetically modified ingredients since the company is the first of the gluten-frees to be verified as non-GMO.

For my personal taste buds I absolutely love the Persian Lime Miracle Tart (think key lime) and the Caramel Sea Salt Macroons, well let's just say you should hide them from yourself.  Neither the Tart nor the Macroons, had a weird or off putting texture and tasted just like a product that would be made with Gluten (Gluten Free does not mean flavor free).  I can’t wait to try the Cherry Almond Hemp Grawnola and mini tarts, which I can't seem to find in Whole Foods (insert saddest face here). Do you love Hail Merry products or do you want to try them? I’m offering two coupons for free Hail Merry products.

**Note the coupons values are up to $3.99 ( which is the Whole Foods price point, but they can be used anywhere)

Where to Buy in the Bay Area:
Whole Foods – Oakland, Berkeley, Layfette, SoMa SF, Potrero Hill SF
Advanced Health – Alameda
Alameda Natural Grocery – Alameda
Berkeley Natural Company – Berkeley
AT&T Park – SF
El Cerrito Natural Company – El Cerrito
Rainbow Grocery- SF 

More Information on Hail Merry:

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