Monday, October 7, 2013

Protective Style Challenge - Faux Locs w/ Marley Hair

One thing that’s different about natural black hair (sorry guys I don’t really use the term African American) compared to other hair types is for the most part (everyone is different) it is extremely difficult to keep hair moisturized. This is one of the reasons that black women (chemically straightened and natural) don’t wash their hair everyday they really will lose too much moisture which will cause breakage. One thing to help prevent moisture loss, and promote growth is giving hair a break from day to day styling which is called “protective styling”. Protective styling is really imperative in the winter months when the air is sometimes drier; the clothes are more fabulous (therefore it can get snagged on coats etc).  Protective styles can be wigs, hair extensions, braids, twist, the list is really exhaustive.

On my way to work with unfinished hair (ran out of hair) 

Since it’s been a full year since I've cut all my chemically treated hair off I decided to give my hair a break and try the Faux Locs using Marley Braiding Hair, since I've always loved the look of dread locs but have not wanted to make the commitment. I scoured YouTube for some great videos and use a mix of a Marley Twist Tutorial that was very easy, and a popular Marley wrap tutorial until I found the one I wanted, and decided to make a small video myself to share with my readers. Hope you like it! 

Thinking of my next protective style, I'm thinking Yarn Wraps..... any  other suggestions? 

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