Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pit Palm Natural Deoderant

Photo Credit: The Healing Place 

Many of you probably think I'm turning into a health nerd especially those who have seen the change in my blog, or follow me on instagram, but I've secretly always been healthy and into finding healthier ways of living. One of the biggest and most challenging areas next to skincare was finding a natural deodorant. I'm telling you I've gone back and forth from the typical drugstore stuff to products that were either all natural or mostly natural. Both the mostly natural and all natural deodorants failed, they either went on very moist to almost wet, or had me sweating throughout the day. This is until I visited a gathering at Concept 47 in Oakland and discovered The Healing Place Natural Body Care a Bay Area based brand which specialized ins natural hair and body care products. The item that has saved my underarms is Pit Palm a all natural deodorant which is aluminum, paraben, and mineral oil free, traditional deodorants contain these items  which have been linked clogged pores, Alzheimer and breast cancer. While the product does clearly state it's not an antiperspirant, I have to say not only have I been kept smelling fresh I've not been sweaty either (it does have baking soda in it which I have to think helps). That was the one thing I was afraid of that the beautiful deodorizer would have me sweating like a 100 degree summer day while doing normal activities i.e. sitting  at my desk. I also put Pit Palm to the ultimate test Crossfit, and a mile and a half run and while I did sweat a bit more than normal I seem to dry quickly and did not experience a foul odor. Pit Palm comes in 4 fresh scents Rice Flower, Herbal Blend, Powder Room, and Bay rum and come in a 2 oz container (don't worry a little does go a VERY long way)

Here's what Nubian, the owner of The Healing Place has to say about Pit Palm:

"I developed this cream based deodorant because I was convinced that one could live a natural, chemical free, lifestyle AND smell good. Lets face it, rancid body odor is...well...antisocial. Is it not? If you agree, enjoy these effective, yet skin nourishing deodorants that will keep you fresh all day long."

Organic Aloe Butter, Organic Corn Starch, Arrow Root Powder, Illipe Butter, Kaolin clay, Sodium Biocarbonate (Baking Soda), Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E, Essential Oils/Fragrance Oil

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