Monday, October 21, 2013

Pharmaca Natural Beauty Bars

I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with the PharmacaIntegrative Pharmacy, which has several Bay Area Locations (I frequent the Oakland location). This is a wonderful alternative pharmacy which focuses on natural and homeopathic remedies to cold, sports nutrition, and daily vitamins. I first because familiar with Pharmaca, under less than stellar circumstances when my mom first first found cancer sell ( don’t worry she’s fine, they were pre cancer and she is fully recovered no need for Chemo) as I wanted to find items to help her maintain her health, and vitality through this rough patch. Since it was right up my “health-nut” alley I stop by every now and then to pick up things for myself. One of their newest additions caters to the beauty maven in my, Pharmaca now have Natural Beauty Bars. The Beauty Bars are not just make up counters, but they have lash applications, make up application and consolations, and waxing (I hope they get threading soon).  The Spa services are extremely pocket friendly ranging from $15-30 in comparison to all the other spas, and similar beauty bars within that specific area of Oakland, and are complimented by an array of natural skincare and cosmetics brands.

Not near Oakland don’t fret the Pharmaca Natural Beauty Bars are in the following locations:

Los Angeles (Brentwood)
Menlo Park

Portland, Oregon

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