Tuesday, September 10, 2013

La Mer + Target

Oh how I love Target, they never seem to fail me on cute finds. While I know everyone’s excited for the highly anticipated, and fashion news worthy 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collaboration I’m antsy about another pocket friendly collaboration that happen under the radar at their diffusion collection with the La Mer watch brand. I’ve swooned over a La Mer watch here at least once, but the 100 plus price point was a little more than I was willing to spend. Targets collab’ with the watch maker has taken the 100-200 dollar price points to a frugal 39.99 -49.99 and includes pieces with multiple band options, and the brands popular charmed band options. While the straps aren't a thick as La Mer’s regular line they hold up to day in and day out wear, and as for the watch itself, I can’t tell the difference between it and the original. All and all these timepieces are fun, fashionable, and functional, and worth a splurge during your next Target excursion.  

I went with basic black, but I won’t rule out the option of buying another one in the near future.
Watch Deets:

Watch materials include; a faux leather strap, an alloy watch case, nickel free plated hardware and a stainless steel case back, and the watch is splash proof. 

P.S. Definitely a purchase I don’t regret, as it’s become my everyday watch! 

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